Bletchley Park

When I saw the “Imitation Game” film back in the theatre, I never imagined that the journey I took to learn more about the subject. A book for class reading was about Bletchley Park and I learned more than about the mysterious home and its effect on history. Fast forward to my birthday and I step off the train to learn more about the employment of the codebreakers.

First thing I learned is the 6 steps for the operation of Bletchley Park. Behind some glass, there was the famous Enigma machine that caused so much trouble. I learned the difference between a code and a cipher. I was fascinated by a poem that described the various military branches that were stationed there.

You can read a description of a place and try to vision it in your mind. You can do research and rely on other’s drawings. The best way to see something is all of its reality to better understand the true impact of it. I am talking about the lake on the property and the mansion. The picture can be pretty, but you can’t relate to what the codebreakers felt when they first came to Bletchley Park.

I was extremely excited to see that the exhibition of the film was still displayed in the mansion. It was a highlight of the day to sit at the table in the bar scene. The movie may have faults but it was the reason for my visit that day.

What is a visit without seeing the huts? In one of the huts, they used technology to have a “bombe” girl talk about the reality of working with the machines. In others, there was the posters that were displayed to warn about the dangers of revealing their work. In all of the huts, you can see the reality of the working spaces as if the staff were out to lunch instead of 70 years later. I truly enjoyed the visit to Hut 6 because of my influence from the film about the work of Alan Turing.

The hidden secret for me during that day was the discovery of the library at Bletchley Park.


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