Blythe House

The class visited the Blythe House, which has a large Beatrix Potter Collection. The Blythe House is also part of the V&A Archives. The library catalog has 350 drawings, but still need to add 1500 more. There are 200 pencil drawings in the collection. The items that the class were able to view allowed the curator to tell Beatrix Potter’s life story from childhood to end of her life

Beatrix Potter is famous for her Peter Rabbit series. However, she started drawing at a young age. She created a sketchbook at 8 years old that lead to demonstrate the career of a naturalist. In 1893, she bought a rabbit named Peter that became her imaginative drawing source. She would illustrate popular fairytales using rabbits. For example, a drawing of Cinderella’s coach is pulled by rabbits instead of horses. She wrote letters to children of a friend that started the adventures of Peter Rabbit. She was a child illustrator and writer until her marriage late in life.

A unique fact about Beatrix Potter is that she wrote her journals in code that was eventually cracked by an engineer that became a huge collector of her material and donated it all to the Blythe House.

I did receive advice on getting a job in the library field in the England is to be multi-skilled. The Curator teaches, advise, does exhibitions, research, and is hands on with conservation and preservation.



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